Kaolin, also known as china clay or white clay, is considered a magical ingredient in skin care products.

Kaolin is completely natural and is used in cosmetics to give them a matte appearance and prevent unnecessary shine. Moreover, it allows the makeup to stay put longer as it can withstand humid conditions and perspiration. Kaolin clay is also a preservative that increases the shelf life of cosmetic products.

It is used to cleanse the skin because of its ability to absorb oil and make the surface smooth. Kaolin clay is also a gentle ingredient that can be used as an exfoliant. Additionally, it manages dry skin and prevents acne.

The many benefits that kaolin clay offers make it a super ingredient in the world of skin care. However, it is also present in hair care too. It helps in detoxifying the scalp. This ingredient is capable of lifting dirt and impurities from the scalp to leave it clean and healthy. Additionally, kaolin has the benefit of providing the necessary minerals naturally that the scalp may have been otherwise lacking.

Clayolin is made from 100% pure English kaolin clay, a fine gentle white clay ideal for all skin types. We have carefully chosen the fineness to produce the perfect blend of smoothness and efficacy.

We also use Clayolin in a wide range of our own cosmetics, particularly our scar waxes and beeswax balms. We have been supplying the film, television and theatre industry for over fifty years. It is also used in the production of natural soaps, toothpastes and deodorants.

We only use the finest quality white clay sourced from deposits here in England.